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about us

noms: used to express unrestrained pleasure in the food one is eating. n. A pleasurable experience of eating. Often used in the plural: stopped in at the cafe for some tasty noms.

noms is also an acronym for the principals behind what we stand for. natural products, organically produced (certified where possible), mindfully chosen and sustainably sourced and packaged or unpackaged where possible.


fruit & veg

organic unpackaged fruit and veg, sourced locally from spring cottage organic farm / beechlawn organic farm, when in season. Alternatively imported out of season, but always organic, and almost always packaging free. Some organic suppliers will pack veg in home compostable film packs.


we have over 100 organic loose dry ingredients from flours to spices, pasta, rices, lentils, nuts, baking ingredients, sugars, sweetners, and much more. all can be measured out in various quantities. Take home in your own containers, clean jars or compostable paper bags. Liquid refills also available:

cold pressed organic olive oil,

cold pressed spanish olive oil

rapeseed oil

organic tomato ketchup,

organic soy sauce

irish apple cider vinegar

organic bourbon vanilla essence

organic rosewater

Please ensure containers are cleaned before refilling.

green living

refill your empty containers with Lillys washing up liquid and laundry detergent. This system is full circle as containers are returned to lillys for cleaning and re-use. Refills also available in:

variety of shampoos & conditioners,

hand soap,

toilet and floor cleaner,

spray cleaner,

fabric softener,

bicarbonate of soda,

citric acid,

cleaning vinegar,

epsom salts.

Please ensure containers are cleaned before refilling.




coffee & noms to go

organic coffee

certified organic coffee, roasted by family run roastery Mahers Roastery based in Cork. We buy in bulk from them. Order an americano or latte in store and enjoy while you browse or take it with you in our compostable cups, better still get 30c off when you bring your own.

We also sell whole beans. which can be grind to your liking in store also. 

Grind coffee should be used with in 3 months to ensure quality of product.

plant based milks

we currently use various non gmo plant milks  for flat whites, lattes, cappucinos, mochas and real dark chocolate, hot chocolates. We use an oatly barista, housemade organic almond milk, organic coconut and organic soy, all of which have no added sugar.

Try our organic spiced turmeric latte, made with indian turmeric, ginger and peppercorns, ceylon cinnamon, naturally sweetened with  agave.

Also on the menu, kale smoothies (they taste much better then they sound) and raw cold pressed juices, made from our organic produce.

compostable packaging

all our cups, lids, straws and bags are compostable, which means they can go in the brown bin. that includes our smoothie cups and brown bags with clear cornstarch film.

however, what we really love is, when customers bring their own cup. we offer a 30c own cup discount on all drinks.



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