Mylks & Cream


Organic Plain White Flour                     €2.10/kg Loose

Organic Strong White Flour                  €2.10/kg Loose

Organic Wholemeal Rye Flour              €2.10/kg Loose

Organic Wholemeal Wheat Flour          €2.80/kg Loose

Organic Plain Spelt Flour                      €4.00/kg Loose

Organic Wholemeal Spelt Flour            €4.00/kg Loose

Organic Buckwheat Flour naturally GF  €5.00/kg Loose

Organic Coconut Flour naturally GF      €3.20/kg Loose

Doves Farm Org Rice Flour 1kg             €2.85  Prepacked

Doves Farm Org Gram Flour  1kg          €3.25  Prepacked

Pasta / ""00" Flour                               €2.50 / kg  Prepacked & Loose

Doves Farm Gluten Free White 1kg      €2.95  Prepacked

Doves Farm Gluten Free White Self Raising 1kg €2.95Prepacked

Instant Bread Yeast                             €3/100g Loose

25kg FLOUR SACKS - PREORDER collection only or €5.50 extra delivery charge

Organic Plain White Flour 25kg (NL/UK):     €42

Organic Strong White Flour 25kg (UK):        €42

Organic White Spelt Flour  25kg (NL):         €65

Organic Wholemeal Spelt Flour 25kg (NL):  €60

5kg / 10kg Sacks

Organic Buckwheat Flour naturally GF 5kg : €20

Organic Wholewheat Flour 5kg:                   €12

Organic Coconut Flour naturally GF 10kg :   €25

Instant Bread Yeast 500g                        :   €10


Bicarbonate of Soda                             €4.50/kg

Doves Gluten Free Org Baking Powder   €1.25/100g

Organic Arrowroot Flour                        €2.00/100g  

Xanthum Gum                                      €2.20/100g

Tapioca Flour                                       €4.70/kg

Oats & Cereals:

Standard Organic Oats                          €3.00/kg

Jumbo Organic Oats                             €3.30/kg

Gluten Free Organic Oats                      €4.25/kg

Organic Granola (contains honey)          €4.50/500g

Organic Oat Groats                               €3.50/kg   

Organic Oat Bran                                  €5.00/kg  

Organic Puffed Quinoa                          €2.25/100g 

Standard Wheatgerm                           €4.70/kg  

Cornflakes                                           €3.75/500g          

Plant Milks & Creams

Oatly Barista 1L                                    €2.80

Oatly Organic 1L                                   €2.45

Oatly Single Cream 250ml                    €1.50

Soyatoo Rice whipping cream               €2.50

Natumi Organic Oat Milk 1L                   €2.25

Rude Health Org Hazelnut Milk 1L         €3.70

Rude Health Org Cashew Nut Milk 1L    €3.75

Rude Health Org Tiger Nut Milk 1L         €3.25

Lima Organic Almond Milk SugarFree(SF) €2.85

Ecomil Org Coconut Milk SF 1L              €3.00

Ecomil Org Almond Milk (SF) 1L             €3.00

Ecomil Org Almond/Vanilla SF Milk 1L    €3.35

Ecomil Org Hemp Milk SF 1L                  €3.35

Ekoplaza Organic Soy Milk 1L                 €1.70

Ekoplaza Organic Soy Milk w/Calcium 1L €1.90

Ekoplaza Organic Rice Milk w/Calcium 1L €1.80

Organic Thai Gold Coconut Milk 99% Tin 400ml  €2.85

Organic Thai Gold Coconut Milk 99% Tin 160ml   €1.75

Amaizin Organic Creamed Coconut 200g€2.40

Biona Org Coconut Milk Powder 150g     €6.50

Oatly Creme fraiche (chilled)                 €3.00

Naturli Vegan block  (chilled)                 €2.90


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