Almonds are a nut, right?! Wrong! Technically they are a seed....Mindblowing we know! There is not much to not like about Almonds (thats a double negative right?). Perhaps you are weary because they are considered a high fat food, but relax its the good kind (monounsaturated fat), the kind that help protect your heart by maintaining levels of good HDL cholesterol rather then the undesirable LDL cholesterol.

The other admirable trait our Almonds have in abundance is vitamin E. This is the most illustrious of all vitamins, as it is considered an antioxidant. And we LOVE ANTIOXIDANTS! ANTIOXIDANTS = Anti-aging.

They are also a great source of fibre, protein, selenium, zinc, calcium, magnesium and B vitamins, particularly folate and biotin.

Organic Almonds

  • Country of origin: Spain

    Ingredients: Organic almonds (100%)

    Allergies: Contains Nuts, Suitable for vegetarians & vegans, no preservatives, gluten free.

    Storage instructions: Keep in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight.


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